Serhiy Tatarchuk

Digital marketing Strategist, strongly motivated and devoted,
able to establish good working relationships with a range of people.

Serhiy Tatarchuk

Who I am?

I am a Certified Expert in Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Bing.

8+ years digital marketing strategy & analytics at the East Europian top internet companies. Currently based in Vinnitsa (Ukraine).

I have a proven track history of delivering quantifiable results for large projects as well as smaller enterprises and startups.

What I Do?

  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Website Reporting – Analytics & Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management & Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (Optimizely)
  • Growth Hacking SEO Guides

Google Adwords

AdWords Setups & Optimizations

This, along with AdWords management is my core service.  If you need a new AdWords account, I will build you a great account.  And if you have an existing AdWords account I will audit and optimize your existing campaigns.

But the key to AdWords success and using your budget effectively, is to make sure that you’re running your AdWords campaigns correctly.  AdWords is very easy to get started with, but most people can benefit tremendously from bringing an AdWords expert in to set up and run their AdWords campaigns for them.  And that’s where I come in.  I’ll create great AdWords campaigns that achieve your marketing goals and spend every penny as effectively as possible.

AdWords Management

Ongoing AdWords management is my other core service.  I can manage your AdWords account on a monthy, ongoing basis.  I will provide daily monitoring, weekly optimizations, and monthly reporting.  I will take care of your AdWords account so you can focus on your business.

I’ll be in your account on a daily and weekly basis making it better and better.  And each month you’ll get a clean, easy to understand report from me.

I manage accounts of all sizes.  I manage accounts as small as $500/month up to accounts that spend over $300,000/month.

AdWords Audit & Recommendations

If you want me to audit your AdWords account and make recommendations, I can do that to. My audits are extensive and my recommendation reports are very detailed. I will audit your AdWords account, figure out what can be done to improve it, and then send you a detailed report showing you how to improve your AdWords performance.

I am Certified and good working with:

  • AdWords Search Advertising
  • AdWords Display Advertising
  • AdWords Shopping Advertising
  • AdWords Video Advertising
  • Adwords Mobile Advertising
Search Advertising
Display Advertising
Shopping Advertising
Video Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Google Analytics Certified Expert
GA Set up and Configuration
Reporting and Analysis
Google Tag Manager
GA Integrations
GA Enhanced Ecommerce


Set up and Configuration

  • Audit and fix data integrity problems
  • Capture bespoke data and incorporate it into your Google Analytics reports
  • Goal and event tracking to capture any aspect of your visitors behaviour
  • Tracking visitors over multiple domains
  • Offline marketing tracking

Reporting and Analysis

  • Advanced reporting using custom reports and the Google Analytics reporting API
  • In depth analysis of complex data: understand more about your visitors and their onsite behaviour
  • Attribution modelling: understand the value contributed by each visitor source
  • Campaign tagging advice and planning

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager works hand-in-hand with Google Analytics to open up a wealth of tracking and reporting possibilities that previously would have required many hours of work from a developer. It is extremely flexible, and vastly reduces the time required to implement changes to website tracking.

I can help you implement Google Tag Manager, migrate over your current Google Analytics implementation and support you as you develop your Tag Manager and Analytics skills.

GA’s E-commerce can help you:

  • See the performance of products on special promotional pages
  • Assess the effectiveness of offers and discount codes
  • Step by step analysis of the shopping process and checkout behaviour
  • Highlight the pinch points in the shopping process where customers are lost
  • Cross analyse product sales by multiple criteria using the flexible category hierarchy
  • Returning customer analysis

Local SEO

New Website Optimization

Don’t miss your share of the Google searchers who are looking for your products and services due to lack of SEO knowledge, the fear of large budgets and unpersonalised website SEO campaigns. Rather than guessing when it comes to optimising your own or your company website or paying a large marketing agency to manage your SEO campaign – consider having your SEO campaign set up by a professional.

SEO On-Page Optimisation

Benefit from white hat (Google approved) search engine optimisation by having your web site pages mapped to the most popular suitable short keyword phrases and countless longer search queries in your niche. Using data collected from keyword research SEO tools and your existing website traffic to assign a suitable primary keyword phrase to each target page on your site, can help your pages beat the competition in Google’s search engine results pages via a range of hands-on SEO techniques.

Website SEO Audit & Fix

Can you be fully confident that your web designer or developer knows the latest search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices. Incorrect xml sitemaps, htaccess and robots files to naive, dubious or downright dodgy optimisation methods by inexperienced staff can all hold your website back from the search engine rankings results and traffic it desert.

SEO Competitor Research

Don’t miss your share of the search market to competitors! Get an understanding on how to use professional SEO tools and services to spy on those above you in Google’s search engine results pages – and beat them! via expert SEO competitor research services or consultancy.

Local SEO
SEO Analisys
On Page Optimization
Link Building
User Behavioral factors
Competitor Research and Anaysis


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  • Mateusz-Kolasa

    "Excellent working with Serge, always responsive and asked the right questions to understand our subject matter. Highly recommended".

    Mateusz Kolasa

  • Lukasz-Taras

    "Serhiy performed the task as expected. His analysis is accurate and original. He is responsive and easy to work. We recommend him".

    Lukasz Taras

  • Wojciech-Zymonik

    "Serhiy really knows Google Analytics - he has helped me tidy up our accounts and provided sound advice for our SEO/PPC strategies going forward".

    Wojciech Zymonik

  • Vicky-Prokopi

    "Serhiy is a true AdWords and PPC specialist who helped me tremendously".

    Vicky Prokopi

  • Mina-Murgovski

    "Serhiy performed the task as expected. His analysis is accurate and original. He is responsive and easy to work. We recommend him".

    Mina Murgovski

  • Daniel-Pala

    "Great Google Analytics provider. Will hire again in the future".

    Daniel Pala

  • Robert-Janowski

    "Serhiy did great job on optimization my Adwords campaign"

    Robert Janowski

  • Emilia-Mihaela-Ivanov

    "Serhiy is fantastic! Very quick and professional solution to all of our Google Analytics/Tag Manager problems!"

    Emilia Mihaela Ivanov

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