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My About Details

About Me.

I am a professional with over ten years in digital marketing and product development, including but not limited to e-commerce, travel, and automotive domains. My experience and skills allow me to work and succeed in different countries worldwide, including European Union, the USA, and China.
I can solve any level of business tasks as long as they are related to developing IT projects or Internet promotion.

  • Digital Marketing Manager / CMO - since 2008
    Day-to-day management and optimization of marketing channels.
  • Head of Product / Product Director - since 2015
    Ability to manage and lead the teams but also act as a player-coach.
  • Business consultant - since 2019
    Identify the business needs of internal customers and stakeholders, working with customers, product marketing, sales, and technical services.
  • Certified Scrum Master - Scrum Alliance, 2020
  • Microsoft Advertising Professional - Microsoft, 2019
  • Google Parther - Google, 2019
  • Course “How to Launch a Startup in Silicon Valey” - Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, 2016
  • Course “Digital Marketing” - The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), 2014
  • Diploma in Marketing management - National Technical University, Vinnitsya (UA), 2005
I have several hobbies to which I devote my free time. I like to watch detectives or play chess (my profile on Chess.com - let's play!) in the evenings.
On weekends, my family and I like to spend time barbecuing or fishing (we have signature recipes).
During vacations, we travel and discover new countries (we've already visited more than 20 countries).
Why do companies Hire me?

For companies.

In your Company, I can be responsible for Global Digital Marketing / Product Grow and Product management.


Years of Experience in Digital Marketing and Product Development


successful projects in different domains, markets, and countries

Hard Skills.

Marketing Strategy and Planning
Marketing Reseach
Product Analysis and Reporting
Product management


Worldwide experience.

Countries and markets in which I have had success:
Domains I've worked in:
  • Automotive
  • Tourism & Booking
  • E-commerce
  • Classifieds
  • Academic Writing
  • Software Development

I do it better than anyone else.

Product development

I analyze product domain, customer sub-needs, and competitor offerings; after that, I create and implement high-impact marketing initiatives that will contribute to achieving business KPIs following the project roadmap.

Managing Multiple Teams

I coordinate the efforts and goals of various internal and external teams, such as the marketing, development, finance, and legal teams, to achieve the project's business goals.

Sales and Revenue Grow

I always focus on all activities first and foremost on achieving the project's business goals, such as increasing product coverage and productivity growth. In this, I am helped by a system of reporting and evaluating actions to increase revenue.

How I can help startups and new projects

For Startups.

Using my experience in marketing and product development in global markets, I can help early-stage technology startup teams better navigate the complexities and challenges of marketing, PR, and sales startups.
Together we can develop, refine and implement a global go-to-market strategy for your project. I can help recruit a marketing team and set up marketing and reporting processes. It will help the startup make better use of critical opportunities and tools and avoid many mistakes.
Together we can turn your startup from good to necessary for the market and users.

Development, improvement, and implementation of the market entry strategy

Marketing Strategy for Startups

Implementation of marketing processes, the system of motivation, and result control.

Marketing Team building

Enhancing the value of marketing, development and planning meetings

Planning & Reporting

I know how to answer business questions


As a marketing and IT technologies consultant, I help businesses make their marketing and product development processes more productive, efficient, and controllable. I also help open up new markets and sales channels.

Product Grow

By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the product and the competitive environment, I help the business define goals and build a roadmap to achieve them.

Marketing Strategy

I develop and help implement detailed marketing strategies for products and services at all life cycle stages.

Expanding Into New Markets

I develop detailed strategies for introducing new products and services to the European, U.S., and Chinese markets.

Amazon Seller Consulting

I advise brand registration and starting and developing sales on Amazon.

Contact Me.

Originally from Ukraine, I am now living in Tallinn (Estonia). Please, feel free to contact me via telegram or email.
I speak English and Russian fluently, and Ukrainian is my native language. I will be glad to commucate with you about bussiness and startup consulting or job opportunities in your copmpany.